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Cooperation that will make your life easier

Our company provides not only an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary worries, but also to significantly increase its profitability.

State registration of sublease

We work officially strictly in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine

Check Condition

We check the condition of the apartment an average of 7 times per month


We will perform any type of renovation work

Pay Utility Bills

We will take care of paying utility bills
cooperation program

Online monitoring system

*available only for percent
Watch how much your property brings online. You will be able to see the occupancy and cost of each individual reservation. Expenses for depreciation and maintenance of real estate

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We Operate:

6 Pearl
6 Pearl8 Properties
36 Pearl
36 Pearl15 Properties
Gagarin Plaza
Gagarin Plaza6 Properties
Elegia Park
Elegia Park6 Properties

Benefits of cooperation

Profitability, security and condition of the property, your free time - any of these aspects will benefit from working with a management company. Real estate is a passive source of income, not a chore.

Professional management

Our company provides professional management, resulting in a more efficient and hassle-free rental experience. We take care of all aspects of management, from finding tenants to resolving daily issues, freeing you from unnecessary worries.

Minimizing risks

With us you minimize the risks associated with renting. We develop and apply clear rules and procedures to prevent possible troubles associated with rental property.

Increasing ratings and attracting guests

Each apartment under our management is an investment in a high rating and increased attractiveness for guests. We understand that even minor inconveniences can impact reviews, which is why we strive to keep your property in top condition.

Security of long-term partnership

With us you will have stability. Working together for a long time, we provide reliability and confidence, avoiding the risks and downtime associated with frequent changes of tenants

Types of cooperation

Guest Search

Pay per booking
  • Keeping a calendar
  • Pricing strategy management
  • Real Estate Photo Session


Payment at the end of the month
  • Keeping a calendar
  • Pricing strategy management
  • Management of cleaners
  • Window washer
  • Air conditioner sink
  • Dry cleaning of sofas and mattresses
  • Real Estate Photo Session
  • Check-in and check-out of guests
  • Real estate insurance coverage
  • Payment of communal services
  • Schedule monitoring software


Payment every month in advance
  • Real estate insurance coverage
  • Dry cleaning of sofas and mattresses
  • Window washer
  • Air conditioner sink
  • Payment of communal services


It all depends on the collaboration model. Management involves receiving payments and then making payments, usually at the end of the month. In the case of subleasing, on the contrary, advance payments are made at the beginning of the month and immediately after the contract is signed.
When concluding a contract, it is important for us that the apartment is in excellent condition. If you need to make cosmetic repairs, we provide this service for the full payment of the work.
We are responsible for the actions of guests; the rest of the damage is paid by the apartment owner. You can contact an insurance company to insure the apartment.
We have extensive experience, high visibility on all booking platforms, and many regular guests, so our rental prices are always optimal, and occupancy is higher.
Haharinske platoa, 5/2, office 267, Odessa, Odesska oblast, Ukraine, 65000
+38 063 7801222
+38 063 7801222
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