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We are pleased to welcome you to our apartments. You are a valued guest to us, and we will strive to make your stay in the apartments enjoyable. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations of the apartments listed below.
  1. Barkar.Apartments provide accommodation upon presentation of a passport, and for military personnel - upon presentation of an identity document, for those in service - a military ID with leave or travel orders.
  2. The guest presents their passport or a substitute document to the administrator and fills out an accommodation contract.
  3. The check-in time at the apartments is 15:00, and if guests arrive before 15:00, accommodation is provided only if available.
  4. (when possible) In the case of early check-in, the accommodation fee is charged as follows:
  5. - Up to 6 hours before the check-in time - half-day fee;
  6. - From 6 to 24 hours before the check-in time - full-day fee.
  7. (when possible) In the case of late check-out, the accommodation fee is charged as follows:
  8. - Up to 6 hours after the check-out time - half-day fee;
  9. - From 6 to 24 hours after the check-out time - full-day fee.
  10. After the guest checks out of the apartments, a full cleaning is conducted.

Apartment Reservation

  1. Booking apartments is done by submitting a request to the apartment booking department through the online booking system or by phone at +38 063 780-1222 via viber/whatsapp.
  2. For online bookings, a 20% deposit is required, but not less than the cost of the first day of stay.
  3. If a guest cancels the reservation, the deposit is non-refundable.
  4. The guest pays the entire accommodation fee upon check-in.
  5. Changes to bookings are possible only upon agreement and positive response from Barkar.Apartments.
  6. Check-in or extension without paying the full amount of the stay in advance is not possible.

Rules of Stay in the Apartments

  1. During the guest's stay in the apartments, all responsibility for the proper and safe use of kitchen equipment, cleanliness of dishes, storage of prepared food, etc., lies with the guests.
  2. It is prohibited to cook food for commercial purposes or food with strong specific odors. Disposing of food remnants and food waste into the sewage system is prohibited. Full cleaning of the kitchen area is carried out by staff after guests check out of the rooms. In case of violations of the law and multiple complaints from neighbors, the accommodation contract will be terminated. In such a case, all losses incurred by Barkar.Apartments must be compensated by the client. Refunds for unused dates are not provided.
  3. Maintain cleanliness in the apartments and throughout the building.
  4. In case of loss or damage to the property of the apartments, the client compensates for the cost of the damages.
  5. Barkar.Apartments is not responsible for the operation of municipal utilities (power outages, water, heating).
  6. The guest receives full reimbursement of expenses incurred due to discrepancies between the description or photos.
  7. Accommodation with pets is possible by prior arrangement.

Accommodation of children and extra beds.

  1. Children of any age can stay without additional beds.
  2. Pets. Accommodation with pets is possible by prior arrangement.

Payment in the apartments

  1. Cash payment is accepted, and card payment is also possible. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
  2. Payment and security deposit are made immediately upon check-in.
  3. The security deposit is refunded after returning the keys and inspecting the apartment.

Prohibited in the apartments:

  1. Leaving strangers in the room in your absence and handing over keys to strangers.
  2. Storing bulky items, explosives, toxic materials, mercury, weapons.
  3. Moving furniture without coordination with the administration.
  4. Smoking in the apartments.

The apartment administrator has the right to refuse accommodation in cases where:

  1. Guests lack documents, documents are invalid or expired, there are suspicions that the documents are fake.
  2. Guests show rudeness and aggressiveness towards the staff.
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